Note: Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have a medical condition.


Asian Cuisine

Served with Steamed or Brown Rice

Grand Marnier Shrimp
Crispy Prawn coated with house special fruit sauce with grand marnier.
Chicken and Shrimp Bahamas
Shrimp and White Meat Chicken Sauteed with fresh pineapple, served with pineapple fried rice.
SpicyGeneral Tso's Chicken 14.95
Sesame Chicken 14.95
SpicyOrange Chicken 14.95
Chicken $11.95 / Beef $12.95 / Shrimp $13.95
SpicyCrispy Shredded Beef or Chicken
Shredded beef properly fried till crispy, sauteed with carrots, pepper in a special sweet & sour sesame sauce.
Mongolian Beef 13.95
SpicySalmon with Sesame or Black Bean Sauce 15.95
Moca Treasure
Shrimp, scallop, beef and chicken mixed with fresh vegetable in brown sauce, served with house special golden brown tofu
SpicyShredded Beef with Hot Pepper 14.95
SpicyThai Basil Chicken or Beef
Chicken $12.95 / Beef $13.95
SpicyThai Basil Shrimp or Scallop 14.95
SpicyThai Curry Chicken or Shrimp
Chicken $12.95 / Shrimp $14.95
Stir Fried chicken or shrimp, onion, green and red pepper in sweet curry and Thai chili sauce
Thai Mango Chicken or Shrimp
Chicken $12.95 / Shrimp $14.95
Chicken or shrimp sauteed with fresh mango
Chicken String Bean
String of chicken tenderloin and crunchy string beans with fresh ginger
Chicken with Mixed Vegetables 11.95
SpicyChicken in Garlic Sauce 11.95
Chicken in Black Bean Sauce 11.95
Chicken Katsu 14.95
SpicyKung Pao Chicken 11.95
SpicyChicken in Szechuan Style 11.95
SpicyBeef in Szechuan Style 12.95
SpicyBeef with Garlic Sauce 12.95
SpicyShrimp with Garlic Sauce 13.95
Beef with Black Bean Sauce 12.95
Shrimp with Black Bean Sauce 13.95
Beef with Mixed Vegetables 12.95
Shrimp with Mixed Vegetables 13.95
Triple Delight
House Specialty, combination of chicken, beef and shrimp mixed with vegetables in brown sauce.